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Focused On Your Vision

Search for the phrase “website design” and you will find tens of thousands of web design companies vying for your business. Why should you consider a company like GraceStream when there are so many alternatives? The following paragraphs describe our unique approach to web design and detail what sets us apart from the rest.

Our Experience

Since 1996, GraceStream has assisted scores of companies and churches in a wide range of industries and ministries. We develop websites using best practices in project management, development tools, and web technology. Our team consists of skilled graphic designers, web developers, and business consultants. GraceStream has a strong track record of meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

In addition to web design, GraceStream also offers print design and brand consulting. Frequently our clients ask us to develop brochures and ads that look like their websites! We consider this a great compliment!

Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach to our work ensures that every website we develop reflects the desires of our client and the expertise of GraceStream.

- Our Client Focus - We give you our full attention. We strive to meet your needs. To gain your insight. To stay within your budget. To respect your brand. To stick to your timeframes. To meet your long term goals.

-Our Collaborative Approach - We work as a team, partnering with you. We encourage and appreciate your insight and feedback throughout the entire process.

- Our Culture of Learning - We are intentional about keeping up with technology, adding knowledge to our skillset, and just doing business better. We foster a culture of learning among our staff by deliberate mentoring and apprenticeship. As a member of the RoleModel Community of businesses GraceStream is nurturing the next generation of web developers and print designers.

- Our Commitment to Integrity - We are motivated toward excellence because we are created to “do everything as unto the Lord” (Colossians 3:23). Our commitment to you is anchored in this mandate. Our high standard of integrity comes from our accountability to our Creator to honor Him in everything that we do.

Our Values

Almost everyone at GraceStream is a follower of Jesus Christ.  We're not shy about that. But when a client hires us, we get paid to deliver a superior website, not to preach. Our faith will not interfere with the work we do. We think it's important, though, for our clients to know that our faith affects our work. We believe it augments our ability to deliver. Whether or not a client shares our faith, our work and our business practices will be carried out with highest integrity. Our mission and vision demand it.

Our founder, Mark Faggion, takes the cultivation of his Christian character very seriously. The Bible tells us to be diligent in our work, as if we were doing it for God directly (Colossians 3:23-24). Mark believes the Bible is clear about how we are supposed to deal with people, including our customers. We are commanded to be honest with everyone, (Matthew 5:37). Part of this principle is to admit when we are wrong and do whatever necessary to correct our mistake. Honesty and humility are bedrock to what we do (Micah 6:8).

How this is demonstrated (or bears fruit) in our business practice: When we have too much work to do and not enough time, we will be honest with you. When we could be doing more work for you, we will tell you. If we make a mistake, we will admit it and do what's is necessary to correct it. We will try not to overpromise or underdeliver (although we try to be conservative in what we promise, and we strive to overdeliver). We won't lowball a quote, and then ask for more money because of change requests that occur after the project begins. We know changes will occur and we take that into consideration when we provide a quote.
If we think our clients are asking for too much within the scope of their budget, we will tell them. If we think they would be wiser to start smaller with a less ambitious budget, we will suggest it. We will not take a payment from you if you feel that we did not provide good value for your money.

We're not perfect. But if you're interested in working with people that place high value on integrity, choose GraceStream.